About Etairnity

Etairnity was built out of curiosity in nature & design.

Curiosity led us to the discovery of air plants, the exotic, surprising, and low maintenance plants that need no soil to survive. Looking closely at these magnificent plants, we realized that something was missing. Air plants are rootless by nature and thus seem as though they have no base, or no place to which they belong. So we strived to create a home for them. A place that they can rest upon and at the same time can showcase their mystical beauty.

Today, we are happy to introduce you to our collections of unique air plant "homes". These pieces are carefully designed by our team, following the highest standards in aesthetics and functionality. They are designed to radiate simplicity and minimalism, making use of pure materials that stand in time and stay strong against passing trends. The Etairnity team also supports custom-made orders for bespoke design installations involving air plants. All  of our products are manufactured in Europe to leverage the local, skillful craftsmanship and support local economy. The wood used has been responsibly sourced and is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

We hope that our collection inspires you to introduce air plants in your life and enjoy them as much as we do!